More Than Just a Pre-Engagement Ring

When one thinks of a promise ring it is common to think of a small, inexpensive ring given to a woman as a promise of marriage in the future; however, this is not always the case. A promise ring has several other purposes besides being a pre-engagement ring. A promise ring can be given or used for any sign of commitment. The following are some other common uses for a promise ring.

A Non-Romantic Promise Between Friends

A promise ring can be given as a sign of a promise between two friends. Such a ring can be given to a special friend, to a friend who is moving far away, or even to a friend who you will not see for awhile. A friendship promise ring is very common with young girls who get matching rings that say “best friends forever.” A promise ring between two friends is a way of showing that a certain friendship is something very special to you.

A Promise of To Be Chaste

Also called a purity ring, this type of promise ring is worn as a reminder to be chaste. This can be given by a boyfriend or a girlfriend but is also frequently given by parents to a child. It is meant to keep one sexually pure until true love and marriage is found. This type of promise ring is a constant reminder to the wearer to remain abstinent until marriage.

A Promise of Substance Abstinence

A promise ring can also be used by those who are looking to stay free from alcohol or other harmful substances. This ring can be given to oneself or by someone else as a constant reminder to stay free from drugs and other substances that are harmful to the body.

A Promise to Remain Free of an Addiction

While a promise ring can be a promise to remain free from a drug addiction, it can also be a promise to remain free from other additions as well. This would include addictions such as gambling or pornography. It can also be a promise not to take an activity into access such as eating or even video games.

A Promise of Monogamy

When a couple does not to get civilly married they often wear promise rings as a symbol of their commitment to each other. These promise rings have a very strong meaning to the couple and is a way of them expressing their desire to be joined with that person forever.

A Promise of Silence

In ancient times, a ring would be given as a symbol of silence. It was used as a remembrance of the importance of keeping a particular secret. On occasion, a curse was engraved on the inside of what would occur if the secret was revealed.

A Promise of Spiritual Commitment

In the days of old it was common for prominent church leaders to wear a ring as a symbol of their commitment to the church. Even today many faiths wear rings as a reminder of their spiritual commitment.

A promise ring is not limited for the use of a pre-engagement ring, but can represent a promise between non-romantic friends, a promise to be chaste, a promise of substance abstinence, a promise to remain free from an addiction, a promise of monogamy, silence, spiritual commitment, and much more. One should not keep such a limited view of the promise ring as just being a pre-engagement ring, but see the potential of its other purposes as well. As seen, a promise can symbolize any promise that is made between to individuals or even a promise made to oneself. A promise ring is simply a physical sign of a commitment.

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